Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why Care any way ?

Sometime in a juncture of life, you ask yourself what am I doing ? It seems sometimes that almost what you do seem meaningless and insignificant. You whole existence looks like a drop in the ocean. It does not matter if you're a life or not. All you have worked for. Waking up, breakfast, going to work, meeting deadlines, coming back home, dinner and bed time. Its like an endless cycle of just wasting life.
Some would argue that yes I have achieved much and made a contribution to society. I have a name to pass down to further generations. Yet, do you think it will be passed down ? And if so do you think our next generation will be thoroughly thankful to whatever contributions you have made ? Well, for sure, its quite clear that not many of our young generation appreciate the historical legacy that has been left down. So, let size it down to you. Do your life count ? How does it count ? Tell me and I would really like to hear you out