Saturday, May 31, 2008

Flame and Bizzare !!

Once upon a time , there lived a king who was very very very powerful. He own at least 5 kingdoms and had over a million of staraps and prime ministers and advisers . He was in control and he was the man. People were afraid of him. Some even never seen him but the sound of his name scared the life out of them. This king was great and mighty. Splendor was his second name

BUT he has a problem. He is very into Himself. So one day he built a giant statue of Himself and place it in front of the people asking them to worship Him and those who did not - roast human flesh for dinner. So everyday people who hear trumpet will bow down to this big statue and his ego grew bigger and bigger.

One day he realize that three of his advisers did not bow. They just did not... And it was a big blow to his ego. So with the hurting ego added rage with bad comments from other advisors. He wanted them to be grilled to carbon. So he increased the flame 7 times hotter. Before i go any further, let me tell you abit about this three dudes. They are of a different race from other advisors, they come from a region where they worship one God and his name is Yahweh. They hold strongly to this God that he dont care about the cost.

Anyway back to my story, this king was boiling an egg on his head and he ask them to be put into the flame. Before this three dudes went in, they had their last words and it was My God will deliver me and if he does not i want to prove to you He is Lord of my life. This king just shut off and say in you go , dont talk so much . And then the most amazing thing happen , they were not cook instead they were enjoying the sona inside, they had another friend (an angel ) and they had a great time.

SO the king going crazy ask the dudes to come out and wow no smell at all. This king was so shock that he odered them to "upgraded " to be higher ministers because this people hold to their believe .

At times i fail to be half of this three dudes. I fail to trust my God and I worry a lot. I have other Gods in my life and was troubled . But after talking to him, its time i trust him a little more, CG Spurgeon commented on this story above and he said something like " It is God's nature to throw us in the fire , and it is his nature to be us in the fire ". If you trust him , great things He has installed for you . :)

Friday, May 30, 2008


I Love YOu .. and i want you to know You R the BEST :) even with you faults Muaks

Called or last fate

Do you feel at times you want something and you just dont get it and then when you dont want it you got it ... Well maybe taking up post in organisations are these ways ... i mean when you were a small fry you want to be big .. you want to be labelled made it .. and want to be boss but when you reach the top ... Its just it .. nothing big unless you have super ego and want to show the whole world. Apart from that , it is nothing and it might be a burden .
Being big has its pros and cons .. pros is you can lead people and hopefully people will follow .. Cons maybe you have a bigger responsibility .. Spidermans main theme .. with great power comes great responsibility ... Will i be a good boss ? Can i lead people i dont know well ... or am i just as John Maxwell says taking a walk in the park where nobody follows ? Am i ready to lead ..? Will i fail ?
I wonder what was on Abraham Lincoln's mind when he became president ? or Even my dad when he became my dad ? Well i believe this men did not know that they could make it but they believed in themselves and most importantly God ... So i m trusting the one BIG Boss i have .. Boss lead my path ... Even i dont even know where to start .... Is this Your calling or is it my last fate ( end of the road )

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Love letters

My brain this few days have been skip togther with my heart jump here and jump there but this particular thought came to me !! Random thoughts and feelings .... If you want to .. go ahead and read but dont think too much .. haha ... here goes the CHIM stuff

To my beloved
A dedication to you and for you
My heart skip to the left and to the right
Every thought of you thrills me
Passion will be my horse
Love will be my flame
I want to be the knight worthy to behold you heart
I want to an excellent swords man
Defending you in the midst of deadly enemies
I want build my body so that you could
sink your gentle head there and rest
I want to be a big cotton wool
To Soak up all your tears
I want to shine my best smile
when joy dances around you
To see the stars with awe
and grow white hairs worrying about life
I want to be wounded
so that my scars will be your stepping stone
I want to wrinkle
and still go crazy about you
Your beauty will be my pride too
And will be precious jewel till the end of age
Before any knight will form
Before any horse is rode
Before the heart is strong
Before any swordsman fence
Before bodies can be build
Or Arthur be found
I must first embark on this journey
The journey of danger with hungry lion and flaming dragons
The burning of the hot furnace
The chance of return never known
The traps are crafty and tricky
and what seems impossible seems to be a friend
Friends and foes cant be told
Yet the price is Gold
Gold that thieves cannot steal
nor robbers could touch
It is not alone i leave you cause a journey
You too must embark
A great Teacher i leave with you
A great Care taker i leave with you
A great Father i leave with you
A great friend and king i leave with
HE is countless times greater than i am
If i could i be like half of him
I believe He is a patient person
Learn well from Him
Grow tall with Him
Let him be your pillow or cushion
When you need !!
I trust Him with my life
and i belive you will
When you need Him
He is just a prayer away
I leave you now with smile to remember
A laugh to hear
He will lead you to me
and He will lead me to you
When Spring comes our eyes will meet
We shall sing in Summers
Watch leaves in Autumn
We shall meet to face the toughest winter ahead
for now heed my advice beloved
I will try my best to become
as you try to overcome

My Brothers in Christ !!

Let me tell you something this brotherhood.
1) No money can buy
2) They are my pals
3) They the best !!!
4) Hope our bond will last
5) They are actually very very different people ( haha if you know what i mean !!! )

Well the following are the headline and stories of their recent visit !!~

Well , I believe there is always a cost to pay for everything accept grace !! Before they came ...SCRUB!!!! ... house cleaning !!! I really sweat it out you know !! haha ...
i) I thought they would know the main entrance ... mana tau they go wait at the sesat place !!! haiz ... hon la ....hahaha .... nevermind la found you also !!

We go visit penang !! Baa~ we are here sheepz .. we went to church but guess what ? We did not go in .. haha ... only hear from outside ... haha why ? Because we wanted to go for evening service ...

Wah .... hou sai le !!!! Everyone should watch this !! cool man !! This is one of the best movies i watch so far !! The funny thing was i read the bible in the morning and it was talking about faith and when i saw this movie ... what was it main theme ? ! Faith and trust !! wah so chuun~~
We tak sampai go to church !! haha .. but that was the sermon of the day !!

We reach the house .... played monopoly .. wah so long never play this game ... one rule !! see what buy what !! haha craziness ... played for 2-3 hours ... buy here buy there ..!!! Results were sheepz was Mr Rich while Hon was Mr poor ... i m somewhere in the middle !! but the best part is Mr Rich want me to visit his hotel .. and guess what ! i never even smell the hotel !! haha I survived :P

I have not played this game for a long long time !! Nevertheless it was fun playing with different opponents

Reach home about evening ... late ad wor ... so i prepared dinner ... ((pause) prepared as in how ? ) CooK ? haha ... no la !! not qualified haha.. go and buy la ....

Went everywhere !! OIL!!! T.T as long dont finish can already .. dont want to pump !! no money ... luckily !! no need if not my brothers will have to push the car !! haha .. i brought them to place i myself have not been before !! Shame !! live here so long .. dont even been to the tourist attraction ... Its like that one !! haha You will know !!! :)

Watch the two towers !! (LOTR) Lord of the .... haha i was on the two towers ... Seeing the great Ents approach with big rocks destroying my refuge !! A bit exaggerating haha ... i was at the Menara ... got a birds eye view of my home town !! and it was relaxing ... my mind was clear

Outsiders that come here usually will facinated with this plant .. haha .. i think my brothers were ? >.<

No doubt my brothers visit me but this is no excuse to skip tuition !! .. haha i m a good boy .. where got skip tuition wan !! ... bluek !! Maybe a little late !! haha ... but will skip next week !! haha . no choice

Well if you like spicy food ... this is the best place ... TOM YAM .. too bad i forgot to bring my brothers to eat ... haha ... but they ate the local famous food ... !!! haha the ROTI CANAI and NASI LEMAK super duper chunn .. if you dont believe me ask them !! muahhaha... i m on heaven !! haha ....

i) Fish
I have an anouncement !! haha .. hon ate FISH !!! haha .. the best fish actually it is nice ask him and see hahaha ... !!!

ii) Sup TOPEDO
Let me explain the story lay out ... 1)It was a Tuesday night and we were hungry for something to eat ... We wanted something to kick up our night !! 2 ) Sup Topedo is a cow's ahem !! haha .. you guys know !!! Anyway we went to the place and wanted to eat it .... famous you know !! .. and then ............... ( turn to Andrew wong @ taiko for the continuity of the story ...)

The best part of their visit ... It was a building time !! We pour out our hearts and hope we would help keep each other accountable in each area of our lives ... i know i sometimes will fail them and most importantly God .... but this visit strengthen me ... i want to change YAY !!! I wont fail you guys !!!

It was sad seeing them leave .. though we had many more funny stuff but i will leave it to Hon to write . Miss them much ... my brothers !! will miss you guys !! Be strong !!! and oh ya hon !! FISH!!!! hahahaha

Tagged !! ~

This is something i hope to cheer the homesick girl :)

The rules are:
1. The rules of the game is to be posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to do the tag

What was I doing 10 years ago?
Dont really know la ... time past the brain a bit rusty
5 things on my to-do list today-
Sleep, Plan for hols, clean my room, study (wah!!!) and most important SLEEP ...
5 snacks
Pizza ( its a snack in Itali ) Bytes ( cool stuff introduce by one friend) Ping Pong (cream craker ar ! ) Cheese cake ( counted a ? i really like wor ) Love letter ( its biscult remember )
5 things I would do if I were a billionaire-
Invest !!! Save up for my family !! Go and study !! Start my own band !! and then MAKAN !! ( muahahhahahaha )
5 of my bad habits-
I wont wake up unless something urgent! I tend to be blur ! I m like to eat !! LAZY !! the rest i m just lazy to tell ... too long a list
5 places I have lived-
home ! A lot of place ... lazy to tell (again ) PD included
5 jobs I've had
None so far !!
5 people I tag-
Erlina Soo ( hehe some home work )
Dan Ting If you read
James !! Even if maybe he dont come here !!
( cannot think of names ad la ... haiz ... so nevermind la )

Friday, May 23, 2008

My Sisters

This is the key see below
It writes - You hold the key to your heart
Happy sisters day
Done by my sisters with tender loving care
They are people that annoy you , they are people that gets mad at you for the most tiniest reason, they choose to make themselves pretty cause they want to , they will always talk about the hottest guys on tv and latest fashion, they cry easily and you dont know what to do ( their weapon haha ) they are very demanding at times , and want their ways most of the time ... They can be the most babish people on the planet and irritating YET

They have warm hearts, they are not afraid to say sorry , they are not afraid to show their muscles when they need to , they are the best listeners most of the time , they make you always want to keep up to date , makes you do things that you should do , they usually have six sense and they are pempered to pemper , they spice our lives as brother but most importantly

They love God and they love their brothers ( hope so ) haha ...they are God's creation ... They are God jewels .... they live to support ,built and sometimes lead ... they are the best God created ... They are my SISTERS.... I use to hate hurting them cause i always do and i do not know why i do and i want to ask for your 4givenesss and hope that hurt i left you will heal and become strong .... Strive my sisters to love God .... I know you can ... You are important dont let people treat you like dirt cause you are never are ... God created you best and want best !!! so sisters, live life to the fullest and meaningfully with fear of the one true God and last but not least HAPPY SISTERS DAY !!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

paradigm shift :)

The word on top is a big word . But it sums up what i am going to say. My one week expeirence of form 6 life is one that is changing. Let me explain why ! My first 3 days in school has a word that sums it all ... BORING .. I have to filter how much nonsense that when in my ear . Its harder for me to adapt to my new enviroment ... maybe it is because i made few friends in my lower forms ... and this is what you get .. Isolation !! i manage to meet up with some of my class mates who i know will be leaving for further studies ( so depressing ... haha) But they were pals to past time ... haha .. we could talk anything under the sun .. haha ... on the 4th day ... I entered class ... and you know what ? i dont even know a single person there ... It was difficult time for me the night before ... thinking how am I going to adapt to my new class mates .... But as they sady peace comes from above ... well it does and i felt that it did not matter ... Another surprise turn up the next day ... that is the first teacher that entered the class ... actually said .. "let us start studying and then started teaching us " Let you guys what subject was that ? .. Yup .. PA .. !!! wah ... siao man ... i did actually talk with some of my friends but they were in their own world ... usually if you dun talk and listen ... it is ok ... but this is not me ... so i felt quite out of place listening and listening ... and not having a chance to open my mouth ... haiz ... my mouth pain .
hahaha ... Anyway .. information for you guys reading ... we started lesson for two days continues ly and then there is tuition homework .. I havent heard those words for a long long time ....

During the weekend , I thought maybe i could relax and maybe slow down .. but more things crop up ... and i am actually under a lot of stress ... haiz .. God understands ...

Yo guys ... i thank you for reading my random thoughts .... it is not a nice posting .. maybe i mind is pack with a lot of things to do ... and the words just sound my emotions ... Anyway hope to see you guys soon ... see ya

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mothers day

I want to wish HAPPY MUMMY DAY to all you out there !!! Some of you have done a superb job ... some of you have done a miniature job ... some of you have done a lousy job and yet other who have not done your job at all .... but what i want you to do today ... is have a good time with your sons and daughters ... Remember we have one life ... it may be super hard .. but i know you can ... If you fail .. at least you know you have made an attempt

Enjoy this day coz you deserve it ... that is all short one .. Happy Mother's day ... MOM !!!!

Good bye

When will I see you again ?
Each time i shut my eyes
I remember that spring so fair
the shedding of the cherry blossom
It was all of you standing so delight
Each with a smile so bright
Never have i skip in such excite
Remembering the moment i hold tight
There a was a silence after all
It had come to an end the tale
Of a bunch of unknown people
Coming to learn and sail
A journey to know the Almighty
Now they really part, sadly
for the second time , faintly
to the place where memories are stored safely
Now we embark on a different path
Each to its different directions
Some to the south
Some to the North
And other everywhere
But i believe one day
we would meet at heaven's gate
and celebrate each other presence
and sing for joy to the one king
For now when our hearts wonder
Let us close our eyes
And remember that one day
when we left with laughter and smile :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Monday i m going to study... A lot of things will happened ... Meeting up with friends .... and i am scared i cannot get along with other people and be alone again !!! .... That is my fear ... wah .. since when i am so frank here ... Well i do wish to tell you the truth ... i am afraid ... Only God can rescue me ... i will missing blogging and chating with my friends ... maybe i will be missing so much i cannot carry on !! hmm... well i have brace myself to step up to this change ... no matter what it holds ... even if i miss my friends here ... but i trust i would make it ..!!! i cannot do this !!! Will be busy preparing for studies ... Well .. i hope all the best to those who is on the same boat as me !!! Well here i go .. !! .. For those who are following my blog ... i will notify you that i will be absent and will not constantly be blogging ... but will do when i m free ... haha .. so see you soon ...


My dad and I were discussing some of issues and the topic of death came into our talk in line with the future. Death ... If you read my recent post ... Is one of the things i am afraid of... My dad say he live is temporary.... and he will live this world sooner than I ... and when that time comes ... i am afriad that i cannot handle it ... i might be so sad that i would be depressed ..... i am very attach to my parents :)

The problem with me i thought is i fear death - maybe i do ..... i fear of changes ... i fear of losing people ... Many people face this problems . We fear changes in life ..... many of us are afraid of it ..... some of us can accept it .... few dare to face it and risk it . But i believe that changes whether for the good and bad ...Do us good ... i believe that we should step up and face changes.... We should not stay in our comfort zone and lax ... but always brace ourselves for the challenge ahead !!! ... Changes are never easy ... never secure ... never safe .... but changes are rewarding ... not that we get material things but new expeirences ... So i believe changes should take place ...

Back to my situation ... changes in my life will come soon ... and will still continue to appear .. no matter where i will go .... Death is a change ... and is painful .... i dont know if i could ever face my parents death or my own death ... but i believe with time and stituation CHANGES and life expeirence will prepare me for that day ... God must help me a great deal !!!

i believe i need to change now for the better ... with God i think i can !!! no i know i can !!!

The Ring

Narnia - Prince Caspian coming out ... You guys going to watch ? i think i will not T.T ... anyway what i want to discuss is not Narnia but something related to it ... hmm something got to do with author . mm .. guess it ? Ya it is the Lord of the Rings .. haha if u didnt guess correct just pretend you did and go along with me haha ...

In the LOTR the main character Frodo Baggins holds a mystical ring that has incredible power. It could accomplish its masters desires ... The most powerful thing in the world. Ok now to my point . The Ring in all its power has a weakness ... It has one master ... and who ever wears it will posses the power but you will have to serve the ring's original master- Souron . forgive me for the spelling error.Well each person will automatically desire this ring no matter how strong he is accept this kid called Frodo. He is the strongest of them all. Not because he has muscles but his heart.

Well a lot of us come near to temptation each day.... And it is natural for us to want to be consume by it... Because it actually calls out to you.... If you did not restrain yourself... you will become a person that you do not desire. There was a scene in LOTR ... Where the white witch which is supposed to be kind and good ... was offered the ring.... She turned into a monster .. and tried to consume the ring but she fought hard and then she calmed down.... she said the test is over ....

And as i thought about the scene again and again. Frodo is like Jesus... He came to take away your sins and save you. But if you so desire it ... He will give it to you willingly .... Our part comes for us to fight and resist ourselves .... i have lost many of this battles eventhough i have won few ... i hope you guys will fight and be overcomers and conquer the evil within you !! Be like the white witch who fought and overcome the test !!! You guys can do it !!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The interview

Tiring day... why do i blog about this interview and not the last one ? hmm ... this is the juicy story.
6.30 - wake up lo .
7.00- Get up of the bed ( i like pig in the morning :) )
7.05- Go for morning walk
7.06 - RAIN!!! for the first time in AS in the morning ... this is weird!!!!
7.07- Headed back ... i already targeting my pillow :)
7.10 - my bed ... zzzz !!!
9.00 - woke up by telephone call ... YOUR LATE
9.30- Rushing , with toothbrush in the mouth , shaver in one hand !!! haiz..
9.40 - Set out .. can reach in time a ? can gua ?
10.00 - SAVED ... ran to the hall
10.03- Ceh , have to wait sommore hor ... kill my beauty sleep ... nevermind it is alwayz good to arrive early
10.30 - call us in already ... panick la .. never read the notive properly .. confused .. ish like tat blurr
10.40- writing my essay after so long ... rusty la ..
11 something - did the personality test ... ish ... i tell you i didnt finish in time .. so mangkuk
11.20- Thank God for His grace ... Extended time ... thank God for good people
11.21- "lets wait for (name )" wadda why ? nevermind malu abit but worthied
11.30- group interview ... haha i think i talk too much again - my fellow friends that apply for it - they are kind
11.35- talking crap !!! haha . dun care tembak only ..
11.40- finish ad
11.50 - first mangsa for the one to one interview !!!
12.20 - My turn !!!!
12.25- let me tell you the story called my life :)
12.26 - Blog ... my fav place ... we finally talk about it !!!
12.30 - Teaching !!! wah my fav topic .. fire away .. where got give you chance .. haha actually u give me a lot of chance
13.00- haha Tell story time .... my fav maths teacher was mention .... yay ...
13.28- Last few question ... hmm ..... Teaching is my calling and my dream la .... really wan ..
13.29- ALL over .. finally ... all the three nites and two days of hard work .. i even miss time talk with my friends ... !!! worthied la .. i m happy with myself and THANK GOD ... i really rely a lot on HIM
14.00 reach home ... Chicken rice ... fav wan you know hahaha .....

Friday, May 2, 2008

Jeremiah School

I thought someday i will share this .... Well i finally got the chance to tell my youth about Jeremiah school ... Haha .... I told them my scare when i set foot there to mission week.... but my moral of my small sharing is not to tell them how great is the school and all .... Let them find out themselves .... What i want to impart into them is for them to find and to start searching ... to look for the One true God .... to look for that one true Love ... to look for the one self .... Many of us in this world are looking for these things ... We ponder on these things but most of the time we end up having false Gods , false love , and false self .... and we try to content ourselves with them ... many of us search but search wrongly .... we are looking for the wrong thing .... some of us do not look with all our heart ... and we dont get what we want ... I believe if we look with all our heart and soul ... we will find that .... God is looking for us ..and love was waiting for us..... and self is will surface .... Life is better than you think dont settle for the second !!!!!!!!

You are my answer

1.Judah's sin is engraved with an iron tool,inscribed with a flint point,on the tablets of their heartsand on the horns of their altars.
2Even their children remembertheir altars and Asherah poles
[1]beside the spreading treesand on the high hills.
3My mountain in the landand your
[2] wealth and all your treasuresI will give away as plunder,together with your high places,because of sin throughout your country.
4Through your own fault you will losethe inheritance I gave you.I will enslave you to your enemiesin a land you do not know,for you have kindled my anger,and it will burn forever.”
5This is what the LORD says:“Cursed is the one who trusts in man,who depends on flesh for his strengthand whose heart turns away from the LORD.
6He will be like a bush in the wastelands;he will not see prosperity when it comes.He will dwell in the parched places of the desert,in a salt land where no one lives.
7“But blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD,whose confidence is in him.
8He will be like a tree planted by the waterthat sends out its roots by the stream.It does not fear when heat comes;its leaves are always green.It has no worries in a year of droughtand never fails to bear fruit.”
9The heart is deceitful above all thingsand beyond cure.Who can understand it?
10“I the LORD search the heartand examine the mind,to reward a man according to his conduct,according to what his deeds deserve

After reading these words my heart is calm. I no longer look forward and worry and fret. I only look to God. My God is Big . I'll TRUST in him even if i dont know the way . Let him lead me wherever i go. Even to depths of the deap ocean , Or even a firey furnace , Or even hungry lions . Because the sea will part , fire will not burn, and the lion will shut its mouth. I will stand eventhough i shake ... Now i ask of You to teach me to stand and look to you cause when you are near terror will run , uncertainty will shake , doubt will scream and satan will yell.... but i will be still for you careth for me and i can trust you

Things to do ......

I am making a to do list ... haiz really go a lot to do ...

1. Prepare for Interview - a lot to do
2. Read up - i need to keep up with the world even i dont like it
3. Tidy up my room - no time to tidy when i start studying
4. Shopping- i need to buy some stationary for my use
5. Studying - i need to catch up after so long i didnt study
6. Plan - i need to organise my time table
7. Decorate and update my blog
8. Preparing for the hols - haha baru want to start studying , think about holidays
9. Getting a hair cut - guys i think i m no longer spiking my hair =)
10. Cuting my hols mood =( - Finish some of my books and meeting up with friends for the last time .