Monday, July 4, 2011

Family of love or abominations

As I sat half naked and fresh from 13 hours of sleep on board, images and voices from the events hours earlier hit me like a large waves. I tried to hide behind my cold cup of juice and shut my eyes to forget only to find myself meeting face to face. One issue is clear. Family is important.

The saying maybe overated and being used in countless films and movies as a underlying moral theme to educate children of the worth of being united. To be truthful, as I grow older each year, I find myself believing in this value difficult and somewhat estranged to it. As a child, this has been my core belief and trusted value. I would do anything to protect it. But as the years goes by, the family unit becomes irrelevant and troublesome. It becomes an obstacle rather than happiness.

With many arguments and sore discussions, we find ourselves doubting its meaning in the saying "family is important". We find ourselves questioning is it worth it ? May it be precious time spent to find unappreciative remarks by a loved ones or joyless encounters which leaves us dry and tired or even the petty arguments which have many layers deep of issues burying it. What was once so precious only becomes an eye sore.

The question we ought to ask is what happen ? How did we move from the point of "I love you" to the point of " you disgust me " ? What do you think?

Friday, July 1, 2011

How daring of we, mere humans to desire your love
A spectacle that deserves no honour nor attention
An outcast, a rag worthless and rotten
in comparison with Thee

We make ourselves gods
not knowing You laugh at us
Pitying our endless struggle
O, how have we sinned

To anger thee, the one great creator of universes
The light of all beings and the center of creations
How wrong are we to turn from You
To go against what little kindness You gave

You spin the planets and command the stars
The universe is in the palms of your hands
Time bows down to you
And with a single word, all creation can be turned to destruction

O, how foolish are we,
To turn our backs on Him
To make ourselves greater than He
I shiver and tremble of the thought of angering Him

To the depths of Hell, I find no peace
to the deepest and darkness I hide but to no avail
Because You are there wherever I go
I may hide from men or the devil but I will never hide myself from you

In nothingness You are there
Your words are law
Your might as draws no limits
Your strength extend to no end

And yet
I ... I ...
I am speechless
Awed ,amazed, swept off my feet
knowing this greatest fact in the word
That is
You love me

His Beauty

Beautiful, Spectacular, Marvelous, Awesome, Sparkling, Radiant, Magnificent, All knowing. Beautiful, beautiful ,beautiful
Words cannot describe You
You are beyond my biggest dreams
Who can compare to You
The author and creator of life
Your works and your being
just looking at you
No words can describe You
My words are meaningless
Letters are not enough
To contained such beauty
Such awe
I tremble at the thought
of your presence
I trembled at the thought
of your audience
A beauty like no other
My God my God my God
You take my breath a way