Saturday, February 27, 2010

We are capable of so much more !

Thomas Malthus predicted the end of the human race with severe famine as we could not control or feed the growing population that seems to take us. To the many of them that time, they find themselves in a struggle to grasp the fact that human survival was ever possible. But as time proves Malthus wrong in his theory of food crisis, one of the critics actually stated " Malthus undermined and belittle the potential of human being in creating new technology for preservation.

We are capable of so much more. If you have looked at the olden age of things we would have realized that what we have accomplished are just beyond words. But as much as we have accomplish, many of the modern critics are suggesting that we are losing the very essence of things. What do I mean by that ? What I am trying to convey is that if we get too caught up with improving ourselves, discovering new technologies and forget the very reason we do things - We are in serious trouble.

One of my "look up" person through out the years Jason Fong once said this.

If we are sing with the loudest voice
and without God
We are just participating a concert

If have the best worship leaders and musician on stage
and without God
We are just a band

If we have the best leaders
and without GOd
We are just CEOs of a great company

If we have great speakers that speak truths
and without God
We are just motivation talk speakers and comedians

If we praise and dance
without God
We are just enjoying ourselves

If we spread the gospel
without God
We are just mere asking others to join a club

If we missed out the original reason why we do things, we will contradict ourselves. NO matter what happens, we must not forget who we are and the reason of why we do such things.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

To You

Dear God,
Forgive me for holding on to things that are not real
Forgive me when I want to run away
Forgive me when I doubt with all my heart
Forgive me when I drift so far

I know I'm so scared to move forward
I cling so tightly to those memories and pain
Hoping that somehow reality will bend and these were not true
That one day I will wake up and all this will be a nightmare

You are true
You are real
The pain is real
The reality is real

They have gone
And once again
I have not learnt this lesson well
That no one matters but You
I need You ... I need You
To Change this broken heart of mine
Into a heart acceptable to You

Friday, February 19, 2010


They are the most complicated bonds in the world. Let covalent, ionic and other scientific bow down to these bonds because some of them are too messy to even see. Relationships, I was told that it was like building a bridge. It starts with a mutual understanding of the common goal whether it is friendship, lovers, servant and master, family or pet. It starts by one person laying a brick and the other will do so. This process will continue until a period of time. Until both sides meet and the bridge is formed and the bond is strong. Not that the bridge wont collapse. But it will remain stronger. Now, when one side decides to build and the other stops. The relationship is strained and the level of commitment is not there. Therefore, this kind of relationships is labeled as TIRING. Problems also arise when one side discovers that the bridge they are building is not the bridge that they wanted. Worst case would be when both side build the bridge and because arguments and conflicts start to destroy their own bridge thus causing more damage. -

I AM not here to bore you about bridges. I am just here tell you that sometimes bridges have to be burnt in order to build new ones. That building a new one is not easy and sometimes that bridge will remain unbuild. Sometimes you build one side and your partner seems to have other ideas . It would be best just to burn that bridge and start when ever both sides are ready. Pain and hurt can consume you if you let them to stir deep within you. Bitterness and regrets will destroy your being. Sometimes being in pain is much easier than standing up again. I did not really understand until now. To tell yourself you must be happy and not sad anymore. To tell yourself that they are happy now so why should you be all worked up and emo ? To tell yourself that its time to take that step of yours. To tell yourself its time to burn bridges and let go of that pain and move one because things will not go back to the way it was. JuST 4- GET - IT

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little butterflies
You fly
Dancing in the sky
Where beauty lies

I could see you all day
Stare at you as I lay
Dream of you in fray
Beauty no words can say

Such beauty that captures
Such intellect that intriguers
Such passion that shivers
Such manner that stature

The Sun greets you
Bees respect you
Insects marvel you
Flowers welcome you

you fly from home to home
Not finding rest where you roam
Because love is a drug tomb
And you are alone

I open my hands little butterflies
Though you do not rest here
It will be open for you
Whenever you need to company
The door to my heart is close
I am moving on
Because I know
You are someone to marvel
To be awe of
To admire at
But never to grasp
Never to own

I am moving on
Because at the end of the tunnel
She is waiting
She that He has prepared
She that I would protect
She that I would adore
She that would I honour Him
So for now
Goodbye LOVE
- Dan -

Giving advice

There are things in life not best experience - One friend told me this verse and he cynically puts in an analogy. He said something like if you have not experience jumping down a cliff or fifty stories building, do you want to try it ? I think if I would to look back to my life to this point in the future I would laugh it off, wondering how could I be so caught up with so many things. I like the idea of people coming back from the future ( the episode in Heroes when Hiro went back to warn Peter !! ) It would be a cool thing if I could warn myself of all the wrong things before I do it ! Warn myself not eat so much because I might grow super fat ! OR tell myself not waste time being here and focus on what is important- And the list goes on ! What I am trying to say here is- If you not ready for a relationship, don't dive even though you think it is the best thing to do. You dive into it because you are in serious need of intimacy ? Because sometimes it ain't worth it.