Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The desperate call for help

Take me to Your secret place, Lord
I want to rest
my troubled heart burdens me, Lord
Help me find peace
I can only find rest in You alone

Separation becomes a painful scar for many of us
Many due to death or just the distance apart
The heart cries for a longing to be together
What can a human being do ?
He can do nothing in seperation ......
He could not save his own fall .......
He could not even escape his death
We can only hope
We can only hope that our saviour would come
We can only hope that our warrior would come
We can only hope that they would come to make
Our separation a less painful one ................

Our strength must be of God
No one else :)

Monday, February 11, 2008


The sky is blue and the earth is green in a world of where all else is good ....... but in my world ... the sky is brown and earth is bear never to be seen....... The world of war came a reality to my soul and to my mind .... waves and waves of terrors that will send shivers up your spine is flooding my being ..... Where should i turn ...... i m like a frighten kitten corner by an abusive pet master who had just found out i just escape out of the house ....... Where can i run ? INTO HIS ARMS ....... The sky maybe brown ..... and earth bear ...... but live will spring out at the sound of HIS VOICE ... and he has given friends to share my prob ... i m NOt saying i dun have them .... i will tell you wat happens next hehe

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Anger and rage

Maybe it is just me ... or maybe something else .... today I am at my ends feeling so uneasy .... I am feeling very difficult ... i am indeed figthing a battle that is so hard to battle .... Indeed the war is won but the battle is still open ... The opposition is still strong ... I feel like so outnumbered and so torn .... soon i will engage in even greater better ground ..... can i face it ..? Will I last .... for my price ..... will i save those precious to me ... will i go through when all else is stopping me ... will i end up disowning my friends ....... its so hard ...why .... why do i face endless trials ....i feel like i m figthing alone ......Help ....

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jeremiah School

The last one month was an adventure that was out of this world ...... if you would bear with me i shall share with you the journey .... it all started when i first entered into the school ... i felt a little abandon and was the only one from my hometown ...... Thank God for Andrew who introduce me to a couple of his friends .... and then it all started ...i got to meet Addison and Doreen 1st ..... Followed by the "worm" ..... and 2 girls ....they were Wen Dee and Enwei ..... We started chatting on random topics until herbie came (u.herbie ) He brought with him Yuen Feung and Austin ..... They were our mentors :) i thought i was so out of place as they all new everyone of them through YLDP ... and i only knew Andrew :) ..... Later, Herbie and Austin came out and introduce themselves .... Then all of a sudden there was this car that came out .... an indian girl came out .... wow an indian girl .... then Victoria came out .... so its Victoria 's sister ... but i wasn't too sure she recognise me ... but her sister was a bit anti social and when straight to in ...... but later after Victoria and her parents left ...The girl was not to be seen ... but later we found out that she was named Tiffany .... The night was to prepare us for the school itself and it was awesome .... so that was just the first day ... well i will share with you for the rest of the came later .... :) these are my friends


The JS dress up night 2008 - 21st nite
6-7 - dress up
7- 7.30 - dinner
8- 9.00 - catwalk and photo shoot
9 -10.30- games or talentine
10.30- 11 - exchange of gifts

Boundaries are set up to ensure the smoothe flowing of the night .
Dress up according the colour that were discuss ....
The theme for the night will be decided and be made notice