Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Light of the world
You shine when all is lost
You brighten the way for me
You brought me warmth
A clear mind
And a warm heart
Father I need you
Light of my world

Thursday, November 24, 2011

O.O What ?

Your crimson hair mirrors the glory of the evening sun
Your blue green eyes enchant those who gaze upon you
Trapping them in a world of marvel and mystery
Your red cheeks are outblushes the roses of the feilds
Your smile metls the blocks of Iceland
Your beauty is a source of life to a dying man
It intoxicates and makes all man want more
Its power makes even the saness man mad
And its like water that rejuvernizes any sold
It never fails or fall dim as time passes
My beloved if only I know your name
You are found in places no one looks
Your kindness amazes me
Your passion entangles me
I am on the brink of being chaos
Thinking about you
Yet I know not where are you
You shy in the shadows
Hidding quietly till I find you

O, my dear library staff
If only you would tell me your name ?