Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chapter 2 The Rise

Many people walked by, they do so like always. They always laughed and walk happily. Somehow, their view were blurred, maybe by the snow. They would be wrapped around with their coats A stranger came by.He was wearing a big coat, a hat of a good gentlemen, and dress for professionals. He bent over. Asked the girl why was she there. She did not responded. She did not even looked up. He then asked if she would go home that he knew the way. She whispered to the stranger in her small cold vioce "Go away, I m hideous ." The man smiled, left his coat, slowly got up and left.

The next day, the man came to her again. This time he brought along a letter. This letter was special as it was written in red. He knelt down asked whether she wanted to follow him said that he knew the way home. She quivered at her little space. Still bent, she whispered in her small cold voice " Go away, I have done shameful things" The man smile dryly, left the post card, slowly got up and left.

The following morning, the man did not show up. As the went, crowds walked by. Going about the business. Some discussed the whether, some discussed work issues. There were some that saw the girl but ran away. Yet ,there were those who walked to her asked her questions and left.
At evening, The man walked to her. He brought a beg with him. He lowered the beg. Asked her the same question. Almost unheard, she said " Go away, I am a loser. I will never succeed " The man smile dryly, left the beg, slowly got up and left.

The third day, the man did not show up during the day, nor in the evening. The day passed by, people walked by about their stories and live. Some emphasize how they were and they work were their lives. At night, the man came. This time he brought a picture, in this picture, there words written at the back. The man stoop down asked the question. She said'' Go away, I don't belong anywhere please go home.

The fourth day, people had almost forgotten about the girl. She was now part of the scenery. At midnight, a dark figure came. The girl could sense the presence of this figure but could not see it. She knew this will be the end. As the dark figure walked towards her. She shivered even more. This figure suddenly move quickly and with much force dash towards her. Ready for death, she sat there calmly awaiting death. As the figure stopped, he spoke. That voice was familiar. It was that man. He came and this time sat in front of her. He leaned forward and touched her fore head. Suddenly, a great light entered her eyes. She sees the coat that was left for her belonged to her mother, she saw the beg laid in front of her, it contained files of her past accomplishments, she saw the picture and saw her friends. It wrote " Hope you love your life, we are waiting for you, supporting you, seeing you thru though we cant meet, do your best, live life the way you want it to be, we are counting on you !!" The last thing was the most queer item. It was a letter. As she opened the letter, She read " Paid in full, waiting to claim, repentance required". It was written in red. The man spoke " I know the way home will you follow me ?" " It is not easy but I will be your guide" He reach out his hand. She reached out slowly not knowing what will happen. When their hands touched. Warmness overflow her, her wings grew a new. She rose slowly as the stranger helped her. She felt often, but as she stood her ground. She spread her wings, joining hand she and he flew.

Chapter 1 Fallen angel

It seems like it has been snowing forever. Snow flakes drop, covering her bare skin. Time has left her. Hours that seems like eternity has passed. Slowly, she opens her eyes and sees an unfamiliar scenary. Where was she ? Feeling a sharp pain surround her body and head. She felt at a lost as she tries her utter best to remember the past incident. She sat up slowly picking up what was left out of her. She stared at the sky as the cold breeze brush against her face. Suddenly it all came back to her. She has fallen from the sky. Looking at her wings, she noticed it was torn.... Fatigue covers her body. She bents over hugs her knees. Slowly, tears start rolling down her face , drop by drop it hit the ground. In the cold snow, all remains was the sound of the past events. She could not go home nor can she be the person she used to be. To be defile and thrown out. Suddenly, shame flooded her, what has she done ? She sobs alone, pondering what is she going to do ? It seems that the world has turned gray.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Old has gone, the New has come !!

It's been a while since I wrote in my blog. Its has been a month !! Recent incidence in life have cause a lot of things to change !! But to savor a moment let me give you a poem.

They all come in threes

Sadness, Loneliness and Pain
Brown leafs shed
Many have left
I stand solely as people pass me by

Happiness, Joy and Smile
Snow breeds happiness
They remembered !!
They day I took a step forward in life

Dreams, Ambitions, Goals
Spring has come
I have to face them
The three giants in life

Fall, Horizon, Sunshine
I fell as painful as it is
I must rise up because THEY called
And again to see the sunshines in my life

I m not perfect, smart, or sociable
I make them three
Mistakes, Miscommunications, Mishaps
I will try to change
Not to be the lost boy anymore
But a man that knows the way
because I am needed
And After all
I am a year older !!

I told you they all come in Threes
Time to Change !!