Friday, December 18, 2009


What is Christmas ?? I will always ask this question every year !! Especially when I think things are starting to get meaningless !! Electrical impulses rushed through my head !! Hmm !! I certainly know the facts !! Well, Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ !! BUT apart from that what does it mean ??

Basically there is not apart from that : my little brain concurs ! The bigger part says HEY ! there should be more !! my little brain shakes its head ! nope (the brain is in the head so this is figurative) Big brains says then why !! Small brains says THATs all !! you are not that big for nothing !! Big brain says =="" and then the argument goes on !!

Christmas every year brings different meaning to my heart ! Though it always centres on the fact that it is the celebration of the birth of Christ ! I am happy and grateful for but I cheerish different things each year !! And the thing I would like to cheerish this year would be my family !! I hope we can spend sometime this Christmas together and I can celebrate that we are one !! We are going to have BBQ !! This is for me a celebrate having a family !! I know I should not get my hopes to high on anything but I just hope this event becomes successful !! God please help !!!