Tuesday, September 30, 2008


FINALLY back to blogging, i m back not on a happy note well maybe (perhaps) a little since i miss blogging for a so long. The last post i posted was in August. Well i guess it is back to poetry for me, maybe it is something i can connect to those who understand it at its core. Here goes:

Autumn wind blows and rain follows
The window so old
Puddles of water overflow
My heart feels cold

Where should I go
Banished with nothing to sew
Trapped in a maze so tire
A place alone

Crossroad changes lives
Fire and Ice
Light and darkness
Who would you choose?

An injured warrior
by the pool
Arrows and wounds burn
Hurts within, a mountain of pain

A maiden's touch
A warm arms
An embrace
Someone dry my tears

I tell you
who can understand this
He who understand despise
Is there hope to live another ?

Why do i fight ?
Is there an end ?
What do i find ?
Distress !!

I just need arms to comfort
Where movies show warmness
Care I crave
Who should i go ?
Who should i go ?