Friday, April 23, 2010

My passion

My passion, the thing that I want to do before I die. Is is to inspire people to make a difference with their lives. I would like to lit a fire within them for a change. A lasting change that comes from them, a heart that would not turn away from challenges, pain, their weaknesses. I want to them to see the end goal before they go. I want people to say that was not just an awesome speech or piece of work, but I want to do something like he said or I know what I want now. This is my desire in life.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Road Junctions

I stood at that junction
Between the left and right
Filled with confusion
Hoping to chose the correct

I stood at that junction
Between love and hate
Lost in thoughtful sensation
Clearing my mind in state

I stood at that junction
between work and play
Just to fill a satisfaction
Thinking of the fate of that day

I stood at that junction
Between loses and fights
Tired of the compassion
Wanting to make a difference between lights

I stood at that junction
between friendship and lovers
Not know which to motion
Fearing what uncovers

I stood at that those junctions
Not knowing what would happen
Where right seems better than left
Hate was better that love
Play was better than love
Loses are better than fights
Lovers are better than friends

But what the heck
We don't always get what we want
And we should do the things
that matters
I am taking the other
The long and deserted road
Hoping some day
You will understand my decision

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Because you called

Dear Father
I am scared
The next step
Seems like a dark hole

My inabilities
My weakness
My pain
My shame
They overwhelm me

I tremble
I fear
I want to run
I want to hide

The strong winds blow
The tide ready to pounce
The storm laughs
The sand traps
Will You walk with me ?


Because you called
I will walk with you
Because you called
I will save you
Because you called
you will walk on water
Because you called
I shall be with you

Monday, April 5, 2010

Its a lie

Those words:
I love you,
I will never hurt you
I will love your forever

Its a lie ...
Don't believe it
When you hear it
Just walk away

Saturday, April 3, 2010


One day I was walking down with my good friend and as we were talking. She told me that when she was young she wished she was someone else. That this was not her and maybe some other person can take her place and she would watch. Today, I really felt that I did not want to be myself. I wanted to give up being me. Because being me sucks and the problems that are there are too much. I wished I was another man with a brighter future and another kind of life. I wish this was just a temporary outpost that I could hang out and go back being another kind of life. Won't that be interesting ?

* I guess one of the reason God does not give us so many lives or perfect ones is for one we will mess up both lives because we are so capable of doing that. And another reason is that we would never have asked Him for help if we could have a perfect live. This live is ours. Whether we suck at making it work or just having those problems overwhelm you. This is your choice and your life so make the best out of it