Sunday, September 19, 2010

Losing control

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Have you felt like that ? Have you felt that you are starting to lose control of yourself ? Maybe its a part of your body that seizes to function? Maybe its your legs that won't move anymore? Or its your body that won't function ? And you feel helpless ? You feel you are losing yourself ? You ask yourself "who am I ?" "Why can't I do this anymore ?!! " Why are they doing it ? Why aren't they "cursed" as I ? You feel frustration well up within you. I felt this today. Though I am still physically fit, I feel that somehow I am emotionally and socially losing control of myself. That I want to take control of this being and tell it what to do ... But I can't ... At times like these ... Let Go ...And Let Him take control ... He is good and faithful. He will rescue ! Rest assured !!