Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blood brothers ?

Guns were shooting everywhere and the smell of gunpowder so strong in the town Midgotten. The gang of kidnappers are surrounded by villages and syeriffs. They have kidnapped a few customers in the bank and was asking for a safe way out.

The place was intense as the gang of robbers asked the people to meet their demands or else all will dead. The headman of the city with his white beard and long mustache sat there watch the whole thing and did not say a word.

The gang of robber/kidnappers were scared when they saw not only the people were not following their demands but were sending in waves of people to take them out. Chaoz broke down withing the house as one of the robbers shot another comrade. Leaving 3 of them in the house. What are they to do ?? ........ ( continue next post )

Friday, July 18, 2008


It started in the Garden of Eden and has spread through out the world. It sips in like a snake and strike you when it has the chance. Corruption happens everywhere especially when there is lawlessness in the country.

Corruption happens in schools , in universities , coperate world , politics and etc. So when it is so natural , is it correct ? Because when everybody is doing it , does it mean we can do it too ? How do we fight corruption ? What do we do when it has come knocking to our footstep ?? Are we doomed to follow ? Do we know the consequences if we did ? Will we live with a clear conscience ?

"You must walk in the fear of the Lord , that is my desire " sweet wisdom from my mom's lips. Yes we must walk in the fear of the Lord, only God can save us from comprising our principles , by always going back to the word and use it as a measurement to where we stand. But the decision still lies within you . To stand by what you believe or not

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I going to say good bye to my pillow , my bed , my fat dog , my room , my lamp .... and the least goes on and on. Saying goodbye is never easy. Turning your back and walk away not knowing when and where you are going to meet again is tough. It hurts depending on the depth you are with that particular person or thing.

Nonetheless, we have bit our fairwells , tip our heads and see our goodbyes because we have to leave behind our past and venture to our future and maybe when we come back someday we will be able to face our fear and challenges... but for now it is off to another place to learn things and seek expeirence.

To start for scratch ... It is a funny thing because me and another friend was wishing for this when we were in our class last year. Sometimes we wish for things we think we want but we actually dont know what we are asking for. Well i hope as i embark on this journey i will learn more things and God will be with me as i am with Him. He will be my guide !!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Today as i gazed at the sky
I realized there were dark clouds all over
The sound of soft jazz in the wind
My tear just flow
Rain drops wets my face
I hide my tears
but you notice my red eyes
It is must and I know it
You turn your back
And with briefs goodbyes
You set off on this train
To a place hidden from me
The train man is a trusted friend
and i know He will grant you save journey
He will protect you
He will lead the train of this journey
As the last part of the train disappears
I walk in to the station
and immediately take out my pen and paper
started to write :
Dear Train man
In your train holds my beloved
You have taken her away
An address i leave you
If it is your course
Come by again someday
and bring my beloved home
So we could travel together
As i write the last of the mail
I post it and the familiar sound is here
I looked out, there was train
that comes to take me too
but seperate WAYS we go

Thursday, July 3, 2008

My prayer list

1. My new school
2. Committee meeting today
3. JS Re- U ( my headache )
4. My health
5. My life to God
6. My family and my friends out there


I gnashed my teeth because of such frustration.Things that happen to me recently only have one word to describe ~ Irritating. Being the enemy of the devil is no joke. He will cause you all kind of trouble and irritation you can think about. He will afflict the body with all kinds of diseases or inflictions. He will cause the mind to snap by cornering its thoughts to what he intends you to do. When He fails he cause all kinds of worries to you. Next he will trouble you emotionally , He will get people to against you. He will cause so much discomfort in you that you want to give up . Somewhat like a wrestling match and he does the submission and wants to give up. He continues to go agaisnt your will saying you bad and terrible . It is no use for you to carry on ....
You know what ? Scripture says "Fear the one who can both destroy the soul and torments the body for eternity". " Do not worry , let tomorrow worry about itself " . Stand firm and fight the good fight of faith ... God is there . Being the enemy of the devil is no joke but being the enemy of God is doomed. Eventhough all is said .. i hope transformed me daily !! All the glory to Him above