Friday, March 25, 2011

Melodies of Love

Love Love Love
Everyone is hunting for love
Feels like it is the season for love
As all the land sprouts of Love

Love Love Love
Where art thou ?
I thought I found you
There there there !
But all I found was your shadow

Love Love Love
I looked at the beautiful scenery
The trees, the flowers and the sky
And thought Yes ! Finally I have found you

But Love love love
You hide in the depths
so that no one sees
Those whose seek you
cannot find you
Those who hunt you
Wont even catch a glimpse

Love Love Love
You are a funny thing
Just when I have given up hope
You were there all along staring at me
But I just did not want to see you

A chase after the wind
An idiot who acts smart
Love Love Love
When all else compares to Thee
The world shalt fade
And only Thee my Love
Shall remain

Love Love Love
When the trembles roar
And the my heart apart
There you are silently
Picking me up
Licking my wounds
Pulling me up
Its that you
I do not know
Its that you
I do not see
Its that you
I do not want to FACE