Sunday, December 19, 2010

A message to you

If only you could read this, I really wish you could.

Dear friend,
You are going down a path
A path which brings pain
Pain to you and others
Others that love you

You are trying to get attention
Attention that you always got,
Gotten despite you realizing it
It was there beside all along

Along with the love and recognition
Recognition that you thought
You thought you lost
Your lost is found here

Here in this humble heart
Heart that is longing
Longing for your return
Your return that would joyous

Joy and celebration
Celebration when you are found
Found and belong

If only you could hear
Hear my warnings
Warnings and signs
Signs to run and flee
Flee from this path
This path of destruction
Destruction that meets you

If only you could hear

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Have you ever had those times when you know that someone is going to the wrong direction and there is nothing you can do about it ?
Have you ever felt so helpless waiting at home while others go out and fight ?
Have you ever been in a situation where you could do more to help or console someone?
Have you ever thought that if you could just make that final bit things would turn out alright ?

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Oscar Wilde once said: "What seems to be bitter trials are often blessing in disguise". I guess what Oscar is trying to impress on us is that if we do not give up or surrender in these situations, perhaps there is oft a silver lining hidden in the clouds and stars in the dark sky. What makes great men and women is the ability to cling on to the tiniest bit of hope and work towards it. I can't seem to find the right words to say if you ever encountered such a disaster or despair in your life but perhaps words from Heinrich Emil Brunner could someone give you some comfort - What oxygen it to lungs, such is hope to the meaning of life

Monday, December 6, 2010



When the sky is too big for me
When it cover my head
When the dark cloud surround me
And its a dead end ahead
You are bigger

When I try to walk from one end to another
And It seems like forever
When I run and never stop
When I have traveled the earth
You are love is wider

When the darkness seems like an eternity
And the brightest light grew dim
When the world is to end
And we cant see the future
You my silver lining

What in the world are you ?

You don't feel anything
You don't react to anything
And after dismissing your friend
You just carry on with your daily life
I just don't understand what are you ?

You go out with friends of the opposite sex alone
You spent lots of time with ... going on your mini projects
You grow closer as you share your thoughts
And all you expect was to be friends ?
I just can't understand what are you ?

You don't react when you are talked to
You don't heed the warnings that I gave you
You don't see the distress that you have caused
You are normal ... Like a FREAKING robot but you are not

You want people to care for you
But when they need you, you smile as they burnt in pain
Silently telling others that " he just a piece of trash " that dropped
You laugh and sing like nothing has happened ...
I hate I hate I REALLY HATE
because robots are smart
and human have hearts
So my the question that I have longed to hear ... the one thing I seriously want to know ... that it would literallllllllllllly kill me to know

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The real thing

Dearest Mrs Chiam,
I would like to express my deepest apologies for being such an idiot recently. I know you going to make me pay by doing more house chores and you are going to nag and remind me in the future because what I have done. I am quite thankful for the good friends of mine that stopped me from making a big mistake. You see, I nearly ended up having a relationship with these two girls which I am not supposed to be in. Well, I nearly mess up their lives and mine too. Thanks to God for pulled me out and these friends who by His grace convinced me.


I am looking forward to the day of meeting you. The affection and attraction will be intense =) But importantly, the love we share for one another and Him. I hope you are preparing yourself because I am going to work hard. I want to prepare myself for you. To be your bridegroom and husband. I want to experience this real love no matter how ugly it may seem. I wish to look into your eyes and not wanting to look away. I wish to touch your hair and stroke it while looking at you sleep. I wish to cuddle you and support you in prayer. I wish to care for you.
Though it may looked unreal now. I pray your persevere. Because, I pray the day we meet, the day He will blessed us. With love and care =)

Your lover