Saturday, April 18, 2009

The world spins
Whether you like a not
The heart bleeds
whether you like a not

The waves hit the rock
Whether you like it a not
Reality shock
Whether you like a not

The end will come
Like it a not
The sky rains
Whether you are cry in it or not

The never ending blue ocean
The black skies
How my heart floats among you
Waiting to smash with the rocks

Have I always been like that
The craddle of Tragedy
What disruption caused !
Sounds of this ugly baby
Crying the pain it will bring

How a painful sight !
A man seeking something
He cannot find
A world of fantasy

He patiently wait
But He knows his answer
yet he wait for the glimsp of hope
The time will come
When he will walk away in despair
because he just could not wait
Or the thing has been destroy
O.. what a tragedy !

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I need to focus, I know sometimes I let others things hinder me, I need to focus on Him and no one else ... let no one else be in my life for the time being.

On a lighter note, guess what ... tomorrow will be my first and last time cheerleading !! Hope I will do my utmost best !! Go blue house !!! Bravery , Live , Unity and Excellent !!! I know for a guy to say that sounds lame but ... lets not dwell on that .!! chaio !

Saturday, April 11, 2009

You people

You are

the worry of my heart 
you are always alone
A person who like to sit in darkness
I want to show you 
The light and forgiveness
To know Him

You are 
the inspiration of my heart 
you light up my life
A person who challenges me to great hights
I want to be you
To be a person you now love
To know Him like you
You love God 
Proving to me the impossible 

You are
the apple of my heart
you the one I hope for
A person I hope seeks God 
I want to be with you
But time must shape us 
To know Him together
Let grow to know Him each day 

You are 
the women of my life
Your hands guide me through life
You voice reminds me 
A person I look up to
I want love you 
Like no other child 
To know Him no doubt
To make you proud

You exist
Beyond my grasp
You hold the universe
I owe my all to You
A time will come 
When we will meet face to face
Hope I will meet you each day
so that when that day come
I can admit 
I am home =D