Sunday, August 17, 2008

The new place

"What ? IPBA ? where on earth is that ? " " Why did you go there ?" "You want to be a teacher ?"
I feel that I am constantly bombarded with these questions. My answers may differ from people to people. How is my life in IPBA ( Which stands for Institute Perguruan Bahasa x2 a/b)?

I once saw this on national geographic. The mother owl will throw the baby owl out of the nest and the baby owl will be like clinging on to dear live afraid of dying. As it slides down the tree it claws scratch the tree leaving marks at the same spoiling its claws. It will try very hard to flap its wings, trying to not fall. It will of course initially fail but each attempt becomes an inspiration and hope to try harder. After trying again to not fall and climb to the top , it will learn how to flap its wings and eventuall rise higher and higher above the nest and flies off to find a new life in the wild.

On the 14th of July i was thrown out of my nest, and yes i tried so hard to not fall. At time i was telling my seniors that i was really on the verge of giving up. Orientation week was normally horrible and I could accept and adapt with my enviroment. I thought i was strong but i was wrong. My mom was my strength in all this struggle. Whenever i talk to her I challenge myself to go on eventhough it is tough. I did fail in many in my task , and sometime during the first weeked I was planning to tell my family I was considering of giving up my dream. Yes , My dream to be a teacher and educate pupils not about academic studies but rather life what is important , their live principles.

I saw that they were cheering me and I was in no position to give up. They gave me inspiration and hope. As one of my famous sayings the darkness has gone , the light will soon to come , trust... I was indeed blest beyond doubt to be given this chance therefore to Him who gave me , I must not give up. And they were right, there lapse of difficult situation but things started to turn out better. I started to meet other friends and carried many other activities except classes. My views of a weeked ? It is like a sweet air to a swimmer who has swam for a long time underwater. I love my weekend because 1. I get to meet family members 2. Definately Better food 3. the best - i get to go to Church. Oh it is so sweet !!

But when things are good , it is so easy forget God exist. I started to slide down the clift of sin. I confessed I have not been that faithful !! But as the long week at home for the first time i realise that i have found new strength to some what stand agianst the wave and tide . I really do need to get back with Him . I owe it to Him. I need to be strong and grow . And come to talk about it each expeirence has been a learning expeirence for me there. I have much more to share but for tonight that is all from me .

Because of you !!

Before you came, I never cared about life
Before you came, I lived in my life in waste
Before you came , I just rode pass life
Before you came , I have forgotten

Before we met, I was selfish
Before we met , I had no drive
Before we met , I was an idiot
Before we met, I thought best of me

But since you came, I am no longer me!!
But since you came , I am expected to get up
But since you came, I am not to give up
But since you came, I am not given a choice

I have to stand up
because you are watching
I have be strong
because you are in need

No longer must i be wretched
The long lost warrior's heart must be rekindled
It must a bright flame
so that you might know the way that is ahead

I thank you
because i m reminded of what i was fighting for
I thank you
Because i m reminded of who depends on me
and i thank you
because you returned my lost love to HE

For all those
I thank you
Because from now on
I am ready

Sharpening my blade
polishing my armor
Strengthening my shield
my boots rightly footed
and my belt fasten to my gut
my helmet on my head
War is at hand
and everything is on the line !!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I miss you

I gazed at the stars
and somehow felt that you were near
I gazed at the grass and felt the wind
and thought it was your touch and your breath
I gazed at the water
and thought i saw a reflection of you
I gazed at the picture
and thought how much i miss you
You are family and my friend
You are the people whom i met and talked with
You are the people i will meet the another day
You are people whom have touched my life
I will see soon i hoped
When the we finally gazed at the beauty of Him

Friday, August 8, 2008


" Hey bro , did you remember the time when i was scared until I could not sleep because i thought aliens were coming after us ?" said the younger brother. " Yes i was awoke the whole night just to see that you were saved " they both laugh softly.

You see what happened was the older brother while helping the last of the hostages go was shot by the village men and was pinned down. The brothers sat down for the last time as they remembered the past and laughed and they joked as if time was not even there.

Finally the time came , The older brother's face turned serious and with those one look kill he said to his brother, "Go through the back and there is horse there , when you get on it run as far as you can until you reach the deep end of the forest " ," but ... but .. " said the younger brother but stopped when he saw his brother's eyes. And with sudden move the older brother got up and push the younger to the back as he himself ran and face the sea of gun man which awaited him.
He ran out and was immediately shot as the younger brother ran and rode of. Tears of sadness marked with thankfulness for having his own life. His brother's last words were " I cant protect you anymore so take care of yourselve " His brother took all the bullets 39 of them all together and smiled as the last bullet of his pistol hit the head of the headman that took their village. He had saved them all but yet lost his life

Friday, August 1, 2008


One of trio said he would go out and turn himself and walked out. You see the story is this these robbers were the poorest in the village and only live on the working wages everyday. They were not rich but were happy. But one day a village head man send my the gov arrived at that down. He started a new system that is a collection of tax twice the amount of their daily income. He wanted to built a mine and was planning to be rich.

So when the villages could take it no more especially these poor workers who were farmers and was later forced to sell their land and work as a miner to pay of the tax, they started to rebel.

So as the third ran out he was shot but he managed to kill the syeriff that killed his family because they could not pay the tax. Leaving the two brothers there . They led their hostages go as they knew they had no chance of escaping from their death but what could they do ?