Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sayonara !!

I once dream that I was sleeping just beside you in the field filled with sunflowers under that old tree. I once dream of the time we spent in the shop. I once dream of the time where we would spend talking about life. I once dream that you were that big part of life. - and when I wake up, you were gone.

I walk pass the streets, and I reminded. I am reminded that you are no longer there. I am reminded of who I am. I am reminded of what i have transformed into. I am reminded of the failure and pain. I am reminded that I have no right to walk that path anymore because who i became.

I have a vision where i stabbed someone in heart like i did before. I had a vision where I caused pain and hurt to my love ones. I had a vision of a father failure that could not be an example to his kids. I had a vision of a teacher failure who could not impact his kids. I had vision of a wasted life spent alone and in solitude.

I closed my eyes. I hear my heartbeat and listen my soul. This is not who i am or ever want to be ! I want to be a better man ! A man that you can be proud of !! For that I have to let go the past, live in the present and hope for the future with Him in sight. I am sorry that we could not enjoy this sunset together because I am waking to a new dawn and a path of my own. Sayonara !