Friday, June 27, 2008

My Seniors

Another three people going off to study ... Sometimes it feels like God is stripping the MYF of its talents and people but for a good course i guess :) Nevertheless they are going off and in every person's heart there lies a deep sadness though no words were said to spoil the ocassion. Another poem dedicated to my friends.

Words are cheap these days

The essence and the meaning has been lost

Thrown to the drain to wash

but words from the heart means a thousand meanings

There were no blossoms or cherrys

There were no sad scenes of tears but one

There were no plea to no live

All there were were happiness and celebration

Eventhough we smile inside we frown

Eventhough we sing inside we cry

Eventhough we laught inside we weep

Eventhough we say goodbye but we plea for your stay

Nonetheless down the memory lane

You were strangers to me

People of a different kind

People of a different age

I held much grudge against you

I envied you

I did not want to be with you

Yet in spring it all change

My once cold heart has melt away

My once anger has being extinguish

My once envy was no more

The wall was broken

If you did not took a step that day

I would still be away

Not wanting to stay

Not wanting to play

But since you took that step

I have much share

Much to laugh

Much reason to care

I once stood out side the window

In the cold day

With no one play

and anger to flame

But now i am in side

With you to play

on a hot summers day

Where friends brought new meaning

Because of that

I thank you

Because of that

Today is hard

Because of that

there is dark cloud today

Because of that

It is raining today

Because of that

I much to say and much to share

But the bus is here

and it is now time to say goodbye

like normal school kid do

till we meet one day soon

then we will have a meal

And the meal is on you

Thank You

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My world and your world

My heart sings ,my heart dance
with joy of ringing bells and rhytmes
I am without a care moving here and there
With my world so fair

But out of no where ,
A great big hole came out of somewhere
Took away my little world that seems so fair
where green grass and coloured flowers

It took my life of no care
to a land where no one shared
When dancing is stared
And singing is glared

With road signs leading to nowhere
Lost in this street where everywhere
Seems like somewhere
and home is can be anywhere

With confusing lips and sly smiles
they carry me off to the place to slaughter
to waste my precious life
that i so carefully store to share

Where is love that was always there ?
Where company was always there ?
and friends that really cared ?
Where justice so fair ?

Is this not the same world that i had ?
or was i blind because u blinded me not to care
When right seems wrong and the wrong seems right
and there are times you didnt know them at all

Is there hope is such despair?
Is it too late to repair ?
Is there a hero out there ?
Or is he lost somewhere ?

It is time to stand
to not let this world fool you anymore
for the hero is there
and there is hope much too share

We are lost to be found with care
We need to take this risk and dare
To trust of our precious life that was teared
For Him to mend & make it worthwhile to live and share


Red the colour of my phone
Red the colour of car
Red the colour of red carpet
Red the colour of my bag
Red the colour of crying eyes
Red the colour of danger
Red the colour of anger
Red the colour of the blood of a saviour
Red the colour of pain
Red the colour of sadness
Red the colour of stain of the heart
Red the colour of failure
Red the colour of love
Red the colour of happiness
Red the colour of flame
Red the colour of passion
Red the colour of determination
Red the colour of joy
Red the colour of achievement
Red the colour of death
Red the colour of my lips with a smile
Red the colour of relieve at the end

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Do you wish to live forever ? I do . I am scared of death totally freak out by it. I am scared i become dust and nothing. I have that fear i become nothing and my life is wasted. But after writing so much and clogged up with fear. Man no matter how great or small , how smart or stupid, how useless or magnificent will come to an end. Because if we dont we will left out and we would never know what lie at the other end. Nonetheless my fears are still here . But maybe maybe someday i will succeed in these fears and will be willing to face it face to face like a man. But for now , i really dont know and i will try my best to abide in the hope that i will meet my creator some day

Friday, June 20, 2008

Weird + Funny things:)

HON!! its u

No la .. aiya i thought it is you i was excited coz ( next image )

I thought you write chemistry book .. but haiz ... too bad la .hon

You were smart but not smart enought wakkaka

Guess what is this guys ? pumpkin ? No la it is Papaya ... cannot believe right ?

You know the movie Austin Powers where there is big me and minnie me ( Dr Evil )

Haha i thought these buns were similar to that and btw very few give buns in western food now here !!!

Happy super belated birthday DAD

Happy Brothers day

hi this me Mr Yee
look at my style
opps let u see my backside

These are my friends Mr Hon and Mr Tan
Mr Hon loves to serve and Mr Tan tells you important things

No matter what, this are my brothers

Brothers Brothers
We hold a big weight
Whether you notice a not
We bear a burden to be leaders
to be head of families and organisations
We created first that
because we will made to pave the way
We were made tougher
to stay focus in the race
We were made stronger
to protect those we love
We were made to reflect faster
to be called to fence in the front line
We were made for battle
to win the battle for our sisters
We were made for adventure
to open up unknown paths and keep the venture thrilling
We were made to win
to love our sisters with what we have
We were made to connect
to be prayer warriors for our sisters
If you want the best
you got to be the best
So brothers take heart
and be strong even when waves struck
this brotherhood remains
We will overcome this and encourage one other
in this union of faith

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers day

A Walk in the Park
It was like any other morning
The cool breeze brushes my face
As the sound of rustling leaves
Accompanied the melodies of the Chirping birds
The sun had just woken up

And as you stepped out from the old Kancil
I noticed you have changed
Lines on your face mark with joy and sorrow
Your once bright eyes have turned dim
But your warm smile still remains

I used to hate those boring walks
I never fit in, never accepted
I felt like an alien and foreign
Until you came along

When you walked beside me
I realized, That in life
When I faced hardship
You were there

When I said “This is Enough”
You said “one more “
When I said “How can this be ?“
You said “Accept it and trust in the Lord”

When I said “I don’t know “
You said “Come let me teach you”
When I said “I don’t believe you”
You said “Come let me show you“

When I said “It was not me”
You said” Just admit it”
When I said “I am sorry”
You said “I forgive you”

When I said “I did it”
You said “Well done”
When I said “This will do”
You said “Look Again”

When I said “Life is tough”
You said “I have been there”
When I said “Can we do it”
You said “trust me”

Dad, Without your firm principles
I would be nothing
Without your faith
I would be shaken
Without your prayers
I would be in trouble
Without your discipline
I would be spoilt
Without your love
I would be bitter

God made me
And God used you to shape me
To be the person I am today

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Almighty visit

A very strange feeling overwhealmed me when i was in camp. I was so troubled on the very first day ? Recently I was at my church annual camp and these feelings came and zap me like lightning bolts. I was troubled for a reason I had a lot in my mind. A lot of them seems to go around the fact that i am leaving my Kampung. Cheh wah " LEAVing KAmpung "

Leaving Kampung did not even entered my mind when i was studying here . But now it has become a reality and many things i have to take care before i go . Nonetheless i was at camp and these thoughts occupy my mind. Eventhough many greet me and congratulate me . Which reminds me i have to give God all the glory for my offer to further my studies . (What offer ? Haha if you want you ask me la but most of you already know - I will talk about it in my later post )

Anyway by noon on the second day of camp , we had some free time and i said to myself , i really need to spend serious one to one time with God and we did thanks to His mercy and greatness. He helped my cope with my current situation and thought many things. One of it was i must learn to listen for listening is like giving and His word says freely give freely receive. I asked God to meet me because i really needed a heart to heart talk and meeting his presence

At night when i was listening to the sermon and suddenly a surge of a strong desire overwhealmed me. It was a desire to be set apart for God to use . That was what i longed in my heart. When i was there a preacher prayed for me and I just talked to God. I poured out my heart to Him as we talked. He assured me that He will take care of the rest when i following and walk the path He has set for me .

Thursday, June 12, 2008

MYF => family

You are the mountain I need to climb ,
The raven i have to pass ,
The currents i have to overcome
the knife in my heart
You are the burden i bear
The pain that is afflicted on me
My dark cloud on the sunny day
my cold water in the winter
You are the sore in my eyes
I would give anything to flee from you
I am your invicible wall
You walk pass me day and night
I hate you
I dont want anything to do with you
I wish to leave you
I pack my bag and leave
But as I turn my head and walk
I feel your hand holding mine
I wanted to flick your hand away
but the amazing thing happen
I turned and looked at you
and this look was a different look
there was a strange warmness
Passing through your eyes
Just then
all hatred , all anger, all pain
all despair all dissapoinments gone
all is left is you just you
Why did i not see that person
and now when i learn to treasure you
I am leaving not because i want to
but i have to
But tonight
I see your faces and i know deep down
in my heart , you will be fine
because you have Him and
He will take care of you
so with that i leave ,
With the smile on my face
and a tear in my eye

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Waiting ?!?

Do you have to wait for no reason before ? Have a got that kind of feeling that it is so long ? How nice it is to shorten the time ? Especially the things that will decide your fate of your future ? You have to wait not because you have to but it is the lack of effiency of the other party ? Then i will say tag along come and seat here with me because right now I feeling this great impatience.

Nevertheless waiting helps you to build something that is PATIENCE . And as i reflect on today, I think that God is telling me to wait eventhough the impatience within me is killing me and I just I blair out my discontentment and complaint because I such a great injustice !. For one fact is if it is not for this waiting I would not be writing my blog :)

The time has come to submit the time to God :P

Saturday, June 7, 2008

HOT spot

Imagine you are the president of united states and you want to end the war btw Japan !! but many lives will be lost
Would u press it ... tight spot right ?
What is a hot spot ? It is a spot where everyone wants to go . Maybe because of its great food , great place and scenary . Well , the spot i am talking about its not the spot we usually talked about. The hot spot i m talking about is the spot of a leader.

A leader is the spot where it is hot because you have to most of the time think of what is the next move. You have to know where you are going . It actually symbolises driving. As a driver you have to take care of your passengers and know where you are heading to or where you are going. You have the responsibility to take care of passengers safety. And yes in a way you are serving your passengers

I dont really like leading in general because it quiet stressful most of the time but if i am called to it , I will have to hold the wheel with my best ability and drive my people through even through the darkest road , Even if you dont agree with me , Even if you want get out of the car in the middle of the road , but i urge to bear with me .... and i believe we can get to our destination together :) so GAMBATEH!!!!

The entry of new things

"I came into this world naked and i shall depart of it naked " and then he tore his robes and sat in ashes. If you know who i am talking about ? Yup its Job . I reading a book study on him in my quiet time and as i read of the tragic things that has happened to him. I feel his pain especially when he hit by soars and family lost . The worst part of it that he did not receive any support in this time of great need.

The WORD spoke to me. A story or a flash of a vision appeared in my mind that showed a great king seated on HIS throne and as He walks down this path a woman with her child between her arms were waving. The King stopped and looked at the child, he took the child from the woman and took him to the royal service. How sad was the mother of the child. - I was mad to know that - but what the great king wanted to teach this mom the meaning of submit. He was a good king and the son was brought to the royal service. The son grew and was fair in his job. He was even looked up by others and how proud is this mother will be of her child

Many a times things seem to be bad and we just dont know where to go ! We thought God has taken away our precious and we will as if we are helpless and cheated. Instead of sulking and holding a great grudge , i think we should learn to submit unto Him and how proud we will be when He return our precious made more perfect , more new and something more to be proud of :) .

Thursday, June 5, 2008


When i woke up this morning , after washing up discovered mom was making french toast !!! Makes me remember that time at JS ... wah french toast T.T i miss you !~! haha. Anyway after that i started to out for my tuition. I did not know the time so by the time i got there i realise that i was late so i rush to the tuition room.

While i there , i paid attention in the lesson eventhough i sort of was in a lost ... You dont have a choice when you miss a lesson at the point i regretted not going for the tuition yesterday .. I would not be in a lost !! But nasi sudah jadi bubuh . And as the teacher went on teaching , suddenly a very familiar aching starts at lower abdomen. The tension starts to build up. I know I could hold on to it. One hour more and I could release !! The teacher started teaching about water !! which made it worse !! "As water is not volatile Ether is " I nearly died! And then the clock struck 11 and yes in my head. The teacher suddenly stop and said let me tell you a story !!! ( die la ...) and then went on with his story. After what seems like forver he came back to his point and continued teaching and after explaining the concepts he asked " Class you get what i am saying ?" I was shouting YES YES PLEASE END ( i mean accept the last two words ) but the class was quiet . And then He had that look in his face that told me "Daniel , dont think you can go to toilet any time soon " OH NO !! .. I explain once more in detail and stressing it this time !! I was nearly on my knees and then he said "OK lets STOP for the day " WAH!!! I ran like no tommorow to the toilet and YES AH!!!!!...

I had Maths tuition at the afternoon which i was not late!! ( i m usually will not anytime in the future :) hopefully ) Anyway after a tiring maths tuition , my tuition hit the gong by saying that we were having physics tuition right after maths ... WAH!! TO understand further read the following :
4-6.30 Maths
6.30 - 9 Phy


Ping pong !!!

Uncle sam .. lazy to upturn it
Me after tat crazy game with the flour
Me again dfaing haha as Jack Sparrow
Weird something in the mall ? Leaf a ? pole ? fan a ? wat eva !!

Pops got a head like a ping pong ball ... haha if you have been with Uncle Sam when he talks you will know what i m talking about :) ooh another one DONA NOBIS PACEM .. haha and then GLORY GLORY to the highest .. wah .. memories !! .. the songs are so lovely but more important that speaks life my youth. A lot of sword piercing truths were said but were they caught ? That you will have to ask them :) .

Through this camp i learnt about WORSHIP - showing love to God and the many many aspects of it. I also got to know my MYFers a little ( more than i think ) more . The lessons that spoke the most to me were the morning devotions - Especially the story of the discriminate Zaccheus and the finally "Cai Si " ( hokkien ) prodigal sin . They teach me that I must look at person not the character or the attitude or the history or the background ..... Bottom line they are God's precious creation and because I love God I must love his creation.

My group !!! Winter !! I get excited about my group though I look it . This group started poorly because the first task was to walk one end of a line handicap in a group. I sad to say guys i fail to lead you. I was so blur and did not know what to do :( . Actually i did not even do much through out the activities during the camp . Many a time i fail to step up and i feel your lost and blurness. I try my very best to lead you eventhough it is blind leading blind haha .... Eventhough we were not 1st or 2nd ... You are 1st in my heart :) Because remember what i told you we bring back memories and expeirence not awards or medals ... We did well and you did well .. Continue to grow each and everyone of you !!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


hey guys i m off to go play !! haha bad English .. well off dun miss me

Breaking the wall

There is a wall around me
When i come close to you
i cannot seem to get through this walls
I try hard digging and drilling
But to no amount of help can get me through
i want to get to your side
i want to share the world with you
my life my expeirence my love
Yet this wall prevents me
It is unseen but each time
i move forward
i just knock into it
i m not blaming you for the wall
i might be the one who built it
i might be one who lay the bricks
maybe you too
I think it is time we break this wall
walk pass our differences and know each other
Eventhough i dont know where to even start
to which year shall i drill
But i feel with the help of the GREAT ARCHITECT
We can break this wall
Will you tag along with me
Let us together break the barriers and move forward
You drill yourside and i will try to do mine
some where in this wall we will meet
I believe!!