Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The orange sky clouds itself in red. Below the big cherry apple tree, stood two people. They were both dress in white. One was slightly taller than the other. They sat there in silence, slowly and deeply enjoying the evening sunset with the birds flying towards west in the sky. The green grass just below their feet. The evening breeze gently brush their white faces. The younger sister broke the silence. " Sis, Is there true love out there ? Or will it be a painful and tornful journey? Is there true love? The ones when you feel abandon and yet there is someone right beside you and you can cry your heart out? Is there true love out there?when all about you is foreign and you do not know who you are because you feel so lonely you want to disappear Is there true love out there where you can sit beside your most loved and you don't even have to say a word, you are contended . Is there true love out there ? The ones that does not focus on themselves but willing by all your heart care for that one person? Is there love out there so sweet and warm? .... A silence ... a cold silence as the gentle breeze sweeps across the cherry apple tree bring small petels of flowers dance gracefully with the win.

The older sister turned and looked at the younger sister smiling . A warm and gentle smile. She turn her head and looked across the green fields and whispered until her breath. "there is "

Thursday, May 21, 2009

People !!! Exams are finally at my end .... I can finally take a step back and look in front the mirror. I have not been blogging lately maybe because it was the exams and yes laziness. Times just pass us by... Its the end of one year for Ipbarians and you people from other IPG .. I feel somewhat confuse though I know a difficult sem has just pass and another difficult wave approaching. I guess this is the time for me to catch a breath before embrassing another wave ! Well at least after through hard and struggling time ... I guess all is not lost .... At least I know what I must do though there are some grey areas .... hehe .. You guys must be lost ( some must have stopped reading) keke ... Sorry for being sooo long winded .. hahah I'm just reflecting on the last semester and how it has been ... Ups and downs .. Roller Coaster of life .. Well I gotta make sure I dont fly off .. Till next time with some pictures ... Take care !

Sunday, May 3, 2009

English camp

Off to English camp, just a short one .. will be doing public speaking ! Will my childhood trauma taunt and haunt me ... Just have to think of a way ... Well tell you guys more !

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Time to grow down

It sounds weird but I think it is true. I believe that most of us need to grow down not the other way. We have spend so much time trying to be a grow up that we forgot to be a child. I can tell you straight that being a grow up is not always good. Hehe .. My dear friends, how many wish you would believe things so innocently ? Would just believe every word someone tells you? I think doubt and being deceived has clouded our minds. Christ once said, if none of you become this little ones, you could never enter the kingdom of God. I believe so. I want to just believe. I want to turn doubt a deaf ear. Because everyone is trying to sell their thoughts to me. I will believe the one the one that loves me.

What is growing down? Is it being an innocent kid ? I would like to define growing down is going back to the time where we truly believe that God exist. The time where we would carry out our responsibility because we know someone is watching us. Not to be a wild undiscipline child ! I want to be a kid and an adult at the same time. To be able discipline myself and take up a responsibility like someone is watching me without.... If you catch what I am trying to tell you. You would agree with me ! However being a college kid is not all freedom thats what I have learnt. Where there are freedom (liberty to do things within boundaries of right and wrong - I just learnt) there will be responsibility !

Friday, May 1, 2009

Infection 129 - Only present for 2 days

Infection 129 has strike me, when I look in the water, the reflection does not seem to show the real me. What have i turned into ? i dont even recognize him staring back at me ! Who can I see ? Where can I go ? The endless spinnig of the wool like a victim caught around spider web. I wish a achieve a lot of dreams but it seems like this web has prevented me like glass escalator.
What I want to do I cannot do ... What I do not want to do I keep doing - Paul. This verse pretty sums up most of my headaches of my life. Plus some unwanted incidents have flooded me. I do not know how to handle !! I am collapsing! Who will catch me ? I believe ! No one !! Its ok just let me close my eyes and disappear !! I am tired and do not know where to rest !! When you feel the world is about to come to an end ! What do you do?

Above is the reflection of my life. I felt it is an endless rat race. Pursue of fake joy, happiness and estacy. I have also neglected my responsibility as student and child. I know I can do better. Pressures, bad circumstances, pleasure. I think I have led those control my life. It has been rotten. I am coming to an end in my horrible sem. Many questions and struggles overwhealm me. It seems I have lost my identity and life. If this goes on, every single thing will crumble. I need God !