Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Resoluting 2009

It has come !!!! The year of recession, the year of inflation, the year of difficulty, the year of drop outs , the year of pain and the year of troubles and uncertainty AND the year of challenge!!!

This year my resolutions are
1. To trust God in my decisions and life
2. To love Him with my life, heart and soul
3. To know Him

4. To honor my father and my mother
5. To love with all my heart, care make time for my friends
6. To change bad habits
7. To love and not hurt people
8. To grow in knowledge and emotions
9. To enjoy life to the fullest !!!!!!!!

Reflecting 2008

How would I have sum up 2008 ? 2008 was a good year for me. Am I making those long and irritating speeches again ?

This year I got to meet new friends (although some are old), I made 2 brothers , I felt what is it like to be "in love " with somebody. I was stuck at home for one month. I even enjoyed the sensation and joy of getting good results. I went 3-4 camps (if JS is a camp !!) Thrown to place I am unfamiliar. Went to hall where I am minority. Was tortured and made fun by seniors which in turn Is funny now. Experience college life and living out alone. Going to a new place of worship. Found new housemates. Dance in front of a crowd, Died 3 times in a sketch ( impossible) Look different about life. Fasted for one whole day. Almost died missing somebody, felt alone and desperate at times. Went to a crazy camp, felt Christmas was worthwhile after all, got the best gift and expeirence a heartbreak.

ALL IN ALL I THANK GOD, my Parents , my friends who lifted me up when I was down , who saw through me when I faked , and encourage when I was down , who walked when I was alone, talked to me when i was irritating , laugh with me when I was funny, cried with me when I needed a shoulder. You guys !! I would not have made it through 2008 without YOU.... I owe you

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A story of a fishermen

A young fishermen was on his journey across the lake. He was with his other friends sailing across. He already pictured what was going to happen. They would arrive at the bank of the other side and they would have a nice long nap. BUT suddenly the dark clouds came, the wind blew stronger, the waves hit the ship hard. He has been on the seas long enough to know that they would not survive this strike. The small little swirl here and there. He saw the terrifying look on his friends faces as they struggled. Suddenly an image caught his eyes. It was white and was man like. They thought this must be their doom but he looked carefully. He recognize that face and appearance. He called and the other person responded. Happy that he knew that person, He ran with all his might to meet him. Other saw and was amazed when he walked on water. Suddenly the wind and rain came more clearer and dangerous, he was afraid and sank all most immediately. If not for the person across He would not have made it . As soon that men stood on the ship, the storm was still.

Interesting story ? In life we go through more storms then happy days, we look ahead and think that it is a dead end, our little safety ship is wrecked and we are doomed for. We close our eyes and hope for the best. We often ruled out the existance of a supreme being that guards our lives. Even if we did, we like the young fisher see the storm and sink. Our storm are bigger than God Himself.

We are thought to trust no one from young because we know this trust betrays us. We have tried it and it proves to be correct or it seems to be. So then why should we trust ? Because sometimes trust is sometimes the best option we got. Look ahead and walk.... and before you know it, We can walk on water !!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Rain Drops on my face
Wash away
My bleeding I pray
Covering my tear from gaze

Rain drops on my face
I see your face
In the night and day

Rain drops on my face
A place to stay
I need to pray
And think of what is this grace

Rain drops on my face
My life I give
Career for thee
a chance to love I part

Rain drops on my face
Loyal a stray
Friends just for say
Who they are I dare not say

Rain drops on my face
a place love should grow
Disunity I see
Exclusion seems the norm

Rain drops on my face
I see her face
in every crowd surface
but now hope is gone without trace

Rain drops on my face
The cry of the night
where are THEE
Have mercy on me !!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Does God exist ? A fundamental question that no exact prove or formula can edify. A question that stand on every major religion in the country ! Does God exist ? The yes or no answer could determine a life. Does God exist ? I took a risk and believe. If God does exist, my career is washed. If God does not exist, my decision is a wash . If God does not exist, I am meaningless. If God does not exist, I am worse off. If God does not exist no law will. If God does not exist, I am making the biggest mistake in my existance. If He does and He cares , I gain all. I took the risk , still am taking but some part have withdrawn, what lies ahead is will I ?


What would be the best Christmas gift ?
I wish my sin no more

What would be the coolest Christmas gift ?
A new life

Why are we celebrating Christmas ?
The gift came

What is the gift ?
The gift that changes lives

Who is Santa Clause
A stupid old icon, i wish to bash ..

What is a christmas tree
A tree nonetheless ..!!!!!

What is with the party ?
Enjoying ourselves without the host !!

What are they celebrating ?
Having fun with our selves

Who is the main character ?
People forgot him, I did !!

What is your Christmas wish ?
I wish people will learn to appreciate Christmas !!!

quest and wonders

its going to be 2 soon,
i have learnt something at 18 up
I have learnt how to be a disciple so choon
I have learnt from Daniel to grow up

Its going to be 2 soon
I have observe lifestyle at 18 up
I have watch people hold hands and in shops like platoons
I have learnt who i am define by looking up

Its going to be 2 soon
I have observe dysfunctions in life
I notice a pure heart i need to prun
I value a friend that gives wisely

Its going to be 2 soon
I watch suffering in 18 up
HIV seems to be the new up
But second chance they crave within

Its going to be 2 soon
Fun night was a jam at 18 up
Many comedians came up
Even Charlie Bananas, Ears filled up

Its going 2 soon
Parting with friends at noon
Could not make myself rise up
To once again tear apart what we have built up

Its going to be 2 soon
I have fulfilled my promise hopefully sooner not
Many problems after 18 up
Makes camp fade and spirits die

Reality i face not
Thinking a world of fantasy not 18 up
Many things I dare face up
Scared of losing everything high & soon (hokkien)

Christmas is coming up
Cheers so soon
Makes me try to figure out
What Christmas is all about

Presents and gifts to those who pay
Who deserves a christmas gift
I deserve not the gift of grace I could not pay
The burden lift !!

I am a world without
Yet I begged of hope to try me
Hope came
but i didnt
Where am I ?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

One life

Some want to be the youngest millionaire
Some want to be the best in their fields
Some want to take revenge
Some want to change the world
Some want to conquer the world

I wish to make 1 difference in my one life

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why am i missing ?

I have been absent for quite sometime have I ?
Since this is a blog i will answer myself .... yes !!
I have been thinking a lot lately
About what ? (self questioning again )
About what philosophers find so hard to answer. (awesome right ... actually )
What is it ? ( I got to stop this monologue )
The fundamental questions of course
What la ?( sounds Asian )
Who am I and What am I doing on planet earth ?
Why was I made? or at least taught to believe ?
What am I believing? What is the center of my life? (Wait hold it there )
Why ?(I think he has reached the age )
It is because I need time to reflect on what have been doing lately
Have you found your answers?
Yes I think so
What did u do in the process?
Lots of things I do not want to mention
Was it tough ? ( of course all the philosophy thing !! )
Actually the answer is simple yet i was not paying attention
Why are you writing like this
I think I got influence by some cartoon and tags
Anything else
Look for what is to come ... I am back and i will write more ( hope you do )
Anything else ??! !
Just that dont do this again
Why not ?
It is childish
Agreed !!!!!

We are the stars in the night

I once look out the window
and felt that the world was a very dark place
It was filled with corruption and hate
A world full of failures
Cruelty revealing its face

The abandoned child
The victim wife
The lost kid
the rebel teenager
The depressed father

I shut my eyes and wanted to close the window
As I touch the pane , A hand gripped me
Whispered his voice
look again
open your eyes and see

When i opened my eyes
I saw that a glimpse of light in the dark
I feel the warm breeze
It is not over
the world still has a chance

The abandoned child can live
the victim can live
the lost kid can live
the rebel teenager can live
the depressed father can live

Because there is still hope in this world
We are the hope
We are the difference
My brothers what we do make a difference
stand up and believe
We can sore