Friday, September 25, 2009

2 + 2 to success

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Know thy enemy and know thy self "

- is a saying I used to hear. It brings to mind that one must know his or her limits and abilities or skills. It brings to mind one must know his or her weaknesses and strengths to overcome many things. One must know how to overcome the enemy within him and outside of him. I would like to add to that phrase - Know thy enemy , know thy self and know thy GOD and friends. These components are lacking in this phrase. Sometimes we do not know who our God is as good as the dear lost in the park !! Its when know your God, you know your purpose in life. As for knowing your friends !! They can help you a lot if you know who they were. They are the people that despite your bad and needy look, despite the many arguments, despite the weird weird attitudes, despite the many many moody days still accepts you and hang out with you !! That is a true friend in the making ! Thatz all from me

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A beautiful mistake

I sit here waiting
By the lonely road side
Watching all the beautiful people
Past by each day

They glow
They shine
Because of their great talent
Because of their knowledge and skills

Great works have been done
Beauty and fame submits to them
People abhore and stick close
Nothing beats being them

My existance seem wrong
My deeds spells fault
They turn away
At the sight of this mistake

A lonely stranger walks by
kneels down
Takes a good look
stretch out both His hand

BEAUTIFUL - You are mine !!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Lets start with a few words I learnt throughout this few days.

Revamp - To change things - Have you ever change ?
Obsolete- Things that are not useful
Anaptophobia- Fear of being alone - I just got this out of a movie - go check it up for reference.

From now on, I will put new words that I come across !!

Carelessness and Laziness

These attributes though I don't like very much has stuck to me a lot. I cannot begin to tell you how many times phrases such as " You are 2 careless " comes into play. A better note that resounds is " You are so blurr". I guess I have been awfully careless in life. Especially in things that do not really matter to me at the moment. I tend wonder and ponder about things that are irrelevant and yup some (most) of the time I am sleepy. P/S I am sorry if I have done anything to have ignored or hurt someone.

With all these being said/ mentioned, I heard the sermon preached last Sunday and this attribute came popping in mind. It sort of connected like - " oh ya, I am also that !! " Being careless is not good, I have always lose things because of my carelessness and my lack of discernment. Things that are important, unimportant, matter and yes things that more dear to me like friendships. And as the analogy that Christ game about the person with the talents resound in my head. Heads bow I have not being a good steward with whatever God has gave me. I have to change !! I need to be careful with my life or one day I might lose it. A short note ! This post will only be out for three days !! So read as fast as you can !